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About Forensic Accounting

Our lead partner is Geoff Greenwood FCCA MBA MSc who has considerable expertise and specialisms in financial investigations and audits at a forensic level. All work is carried out discretely and confidentially often remotely to facilitate the client's needs.


If it's there we will find it, report it and look to correct it.


To help organisations and the public to trust again.

Financial Analysis, Investigation and Discovery Services

Forensic Accounting

A very detailed drilling down into all financial transactions to discover innocent and reckless mistakes and differing levels of fraud and recovery.

Financial Investigations

A specialised look into differing financial transactions including contracts, statements, reports and reconciliations.

Financial Audit Records, Transactions & Systems

Companies Act audits are a sample approach to a population and not really intended to discover the transactions at a deeper level. We like to delve deeper.

Satisfied Clients

What Clients Say - Confidentially

We were very happy with the service that we received for the reconciliation of 2 separate databases that uncovered errors both of an innocent and reckless nature and also a number of instances of claimant fraud and transactional frauds. Name and Company withheld.

Chief Executive Office

Satisfied Clients

What Clients Say - Confidentially

Our departments were absolutely snowed under with reconciliations, analysis, financial statement production and suspense accounts. At the completion of the task all statements had been professionally created and distributed as well as trial balances in good order.

Accounting Manager

Satisfied Clients

What Clients Say - Confidentially

I am delighted with the deep audit that Geoff Greenwood conducted into all our ledgers including all asset, purchase and sales transactions. A review of all payments helped with a substantial recovery of monies laying undiscovered. Name withheld.

Internal Audit

Satisfied Clients

What Clients Say - Confidentially

Geoff provided a first class service in reconciling accounts and conducting deep financial audits on all my satellite sites. It was conducted with professionalism, discretion and skill.

Serial Entrepreneur


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